• Debbie Ryan

    Debbie is an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a number of men which included her own father

  • Eva Bernstein

    Eva is an elderly Jewish woman who has developed dementia

  • Douglas Broughton

    Douglas is a young man with learning disabilities trying to live as independently as possible

  • Jimmy West

    Jimmy does feel the pressures of life; he gets lots of headaches and feels tense sometimes

  • Samantha Taggart

    A woman in her 40s with a serious drug addiction which she supports by prostitution

  • Derek Donald

    Derek was a man with a problem; alcohol

About Stilwell

Welcome to Stilwell, a multi-media Virtual Community, which will tells the story of the Stilwell community, in the fictional city of Brigstow, and brings to life the people who live there, their experiences and interactions. Stilwell was developed by Dr Mike Walsh, at the University of Cumbria, drawing on his experience a nurse manager in an inner city Accident and Emergency department and his scholarship using narrative pedagogy to embed and improve learning. If you don't have a login then click on the images and tabs on this page to browse sample characters and to view sample videos and other resources. If you are logged in then you have full access to the characters in Stillwell.

More about Stilwell

Welcome to Stilwell Virtual Community, a unique dedicated environment developed by the University of Cumbria